Introducing the band

The first post on a blog is a bit like a shop window – you’re setting up an expectation for what’s contained inside. Therefore, we don’t think it would be fair of us to start a blog and not let you know exactly what you’re dealing with before delving any deeper. Consider this blog entry an introduction, disclaimer and warning all in one. Without further delay, allow us to introduce ourselves…

Dillastrate performing at Electric Avenue Festival, Christchurch with guest performer/extended family member Emily Browning, February 2018

Dillastrate is a two-piece* band featuring Henare (“H”) Kaa on the drums and lead vocals and Tim Driver on all the keyboards (and sometimes vocals). We originally met at the Christchurch Jazz School in 2006 (now Ara Music Arts) when we were both attempting to hone our craft. Since then we’ve individually worked incredibly hard for the opportunity to work as session musicians and front our own original projects. We first saw the possibility for Dillastrate when we were working together in other bands, including ahoribuzz and Soulsystem. The band started as a side-project from these ventures, but rapidly expanded to be our main focus. It’s even gotten to the point where we have started recording our first full-length album (which we’ll talk about in a future post) which, considering the cost of production, must mean that we’re SERIOUS now. In the short two years that we have been together, we have managed to complete NINE national tours, including some of the biggest festivals in New Zealand record an EP and standalone single, and start work towards an album. In fact, since January 2017 we have played over 60 festivals and headline shows around the country – mostly because we have a legitimate addiction to playing music together.

Dillastrate performing at Blue Smoke, Christchurch, May 2018

Individually, we are fairly distinct people with largely opposite personalities – a yin/yang type deal. While H is a fiery, excitable front-man with a drum kit and a microphone, Tim prefers to keep the show moving from behind stacks of equipment. If any of you have seen our live shows before, you can almost certainly attest to this! We also like to get people dancing, which is thankfully what we’ve been able to do at every show we’ve played thus far (including those typical Christchurch shows where people bring deckchairs and blankets and prepare themselves to be entertained for hours from a stationary position – nice try, sitters!).

Dillastrate performing at Water Bar, Wanaka – January 2018

Hopefully that’s sufficiently introduced us to the wider world! If you have any questions, chuck them in the comment section below. Otherwise, if you want to be in the know and get regular updates these our blog posts, sign up to our mailing list here. Also check out our other pages, including our socials (see below) and our website – Cha!

* In all honesty, it’s actually a three-piece featuring Jamie Thomson on the sound desk, but this is sometimes difficult to explain to people who only see two people onstage. (“But there’s two of you up there!”) From our perspective, it’s also a bit awkward trying to explain this while onstage. (“There’s two of us up here, but there’s actually three of us in the band, but you can only see two people because…”) So, we’re practically a duo, but functionally a trio.

The full band – Tim Driver – keyboards/vocals (left); Jamie Thomson – sound engineer (centre); Henare “H” Kaa – drums, lead vocals (right)

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